Looking to create a lifevalue highperformance team, including your custumers

Decode your mind and DNA to improve your health an have more energy

Decode your culture code, mind and DNA to improve your collective health an have more optimal energy 

In times of uncertainty people need to be more agil, focused and consistent to lead their path to a ‘high performe each activity’ lifestyle. To do that it is impresindible to decode your quantum-neuro-biological to start a new potential action that could exponential overcome flatness in the s-curve to really thrive for collective productivity, and have more time for you-all loved ones while making more profit for every one.

I provide companies a selfdecoding method with learning and unlearning experiences to create synergy with high performance team members.


Atoms’ consciousness all is connected (wifi intelligence)


Decode your patterns and

use plasticity and regeneration 


Cells’ power – Have you a war within?

More than just a new idea is the power of integration.

Daniel Bursztyn. Psyc MBA – NLP

Candidate to Lifestyle Medicine PhD.

Wellness consultant and founder of Seresomos, I have been passionate about wellness for over 20 years, and to continue my journey I started my doctorate in lifestyle medicine. My job as a researcher is to apply the science and art of selfhacking to myself and the people I’ve worked with to give them the tools to live longer with a better quality of life. Now I want to give this collective wisdome to other companies and start our journey to integral high performance. 

My focus for the last 10 years has been to provide, as a leader, the opportunity to live in a wellbeing mode for the team. I am creating impactful learning experiences that engage all employees with a special emphasis on a highperformance live, not only for their companies, but for their families  and themselves.

My goal is to help you create a long-term strategy to empower yourself and your employees and their loved ones to understand that they can uncode the possible blockedchain and decentrilized controll the emotional code, instinctive code, sexual code, intellectual code, motion code, so they will be agil when dealing with amiguity, achieveing and making it easier for them to make healthier choices with their body, mind, emotions, and finance.

We´ll design this recoding experience a collective new culture code inside your organization.

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